How to Get Started

General Texture/UV guidelines

  • Please submit all geometry files in OBJ format and all texture maps in TGA format.
  • Every OBJ file should have its own texture map.
  • All texture maps must be in 24-bit TGA with no Alpha channel.
  • OBJ supports only 1 UV set. Therefore, additional detail which might normally be stored on a different UV set (like grime, etc) should be painted into the textures if needed.
  • Do not paint-in heavy shadowing. The normal map should expose the primary relief across surfaces.
  • Spec maps should generally convey more of a semi-gloss or matte look. Near white is used sparingly.
  • Mirrored UVs are acceptable and even encouraged for house items given the 1 material limit.
  • Please double-check that UVs are within 0-1 UV space before submission.

Game guidelines

Please refer to each game''s website for details on item submission. Instructions vary by game.

EverQuest EverQuest II PlanetSide 2